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“I met Donald on 4/2/2014 at my place of business, Brown Animal Hospital, in Hanover, Pa. Due to a plugged drain line on my neighbor’s property, my drains became clogged and wouldn’t carry away wastewater. My plumber determined this problem while troubleshooting my issue. He recommended that we call Jet Tec to handle the problem. Don showed up within the hour.
 He handled the problem right away so that we could avoid a shutdown of our business. When he finished the drains his crew did a through clean-up before they left.
 I would highly recommend his services.”
"I am happy with the sewer lining and improvements done by Drain Pro. The work was of high quality, the price was reasonable; they arrived when scheduled and cleaned up after the job. Throughout the job it was evident that the customer came first. I have already recommended Drain Pro to friends and will continue to do so."

"Dear Don,
       I truly appreciate the job you recently completed at my home. Although my plumbing is encased in the cement slab my house sits on, your technique was exactly what was needed to resolve the periodic blockage that I was experiencing. Lining the pipes without having to jack hammer my living space in order to line the pipes was a blessing. Furthermore your pleasant demeanor and strong, professional work ethic gave me the assurance that the job was of superior quality. It goes without saying that my wife and I are grateful for the way you protected our home with runners and cleaned up the bath rooms at the end of every day.
You may be assured that I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know in need of not only the "typical" plumbing job, but major tasks such as lining."
"Dear Mr. Glatfelter,
This past July you helped me deal with a problem at my house. The vertical drain pipe from the third floor bathroom was cast iron and was located in a common wall of my duplex and had cracked. There really was no other way to fix it without tearing out the walls than to line it with cured in place product. We had recently done a renovation of our house so the prospect of tearing out walls simply wasn't in the cards. It took me a while to find out about your service but it was worth the wait.
You treated my house and me with respect, and explained every step in an understandable way. Seeing everything on the video was really comforting when the project was done. It was such a pleasure to do business with you. I can't express how happy and relieved I am now that the work has been completed and at such a reasonable cost.

“ Some background information: I was getting sewer gas in my house and narrowed it down to my sewage stack going to my 2nd floor bath. It was cast iron which I thought would last forever…”WRONG” The plumber said I’d have to open the plaster wall and expose the cavity. He would replace it with PVC. It would take him two days and $1,600.00. The contractor said he would open the cavity and replace it for $3,200.00 and three days. I was ready to cry. I talked to a retired coworker who was a Hershey Park plumber and he said give Drain Pro by Jet Tec a call. Within days Drain Pro by Jet Tec was here, videotaped my stack, I could see the ¾” crack 3-4 feet long and he said, “I can fix that.” At that point I was ready to give him a big hug and a kiss but I digress. He prepared the cast iron, mixed the epoxy and slipped the sleeve in, pumped it up and six hours later I was back in business, working. Are they the best… I don’t know, but I know I was 100% satisfied. Don was very professional and explained every step that he did. I hope to never have to see him on a business level but if I ever have a problem he would be the first person I’d call. Job well done Don. I forgot to mention he saved me 2/3’d of the estimate the contractor and plumber gave me. He also gave me a DVD of before and after of the sewer pipe. I know I am the only person in Grantville to have one of these.”
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